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For Sale : JVC HA-FX300

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For Sale : JVC HA-FX300

Post  Audiophiliiac on Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:59 am

Hello! I am selling my used JVC HA-FX300 In-Ear Monitors (In-Ear headphones). They will be unused for quite some time, due to the arrival of my new Hisound POPO African Rosewood IEMs, and for funding my purchase of the Sennheiser IE 80.

For the sound.. in my opinion, they have good bass. Although not ear-shaking bass like Beats. These have accurate and detailed bass. Midrange is slightly intimate. Treble is slightly sharp and detailed. But just let them burn-in (playing audio for an amount of time) for about 50 more hours and the treble will be smoother. But don't expect a miracle!

Item Title: JVC HA-FX300 In Ear Canal Headphones
Item Description: In-Ear headphones with metal construction.
Item Condition: Slightly used. R-marking has faded away.
Price: AED 175
Seller/Buyer Contact No. : Please PM me for that information.
Location: Deira, Dubai
Misc: The picture below is the red colour of these IEMs. Mine are black. There are no differences in sound.
Item Pictures: I will post my pictures of these sometime soon, because I do not have an access to a camera right now. But I will post some pictures from Head-fi :

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